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Gap Year

LE Training




Diary What's Coming Up...

Jul 22 2017 to Jul 30 2017

Nine days of practical training and mission to stretch and grow your faith.

Jun 21 2017

at Trinity at Bowes Centre N22 8RA - youth led worship event for young people

Apr 21 2017 to Apr 22 2017

Chase Family Church, Enfield -  learning by doing - making Jesus known though words, works and wo

Mar 4 2017

at the Gospel Centre, Wood Green N8 0LT, 7-9.30pm - worship event led by young people for young p

Feb 10 2017 to Feb 12 2017

A weekend to discover how Jesus lived and how we can follow him.

Jul 23 2016 to Jul 31 2016

Our 10 day summer mission project.

Jul 11 2016 to Jul 14 2016

Come and join the team reading solidly through from Genesis to Revelation, non-stop day and night

Jul 9 2016

7pm  - TaB Centre - Worship, Word & Testimonies

Jul 8 2016

Chase Family Church

Jun 11 2016

7pm - TaB Centre - Worship, Word & Testimonies


Youth Mission with a Purpose

Since Autumn 1999, the n:flame trust has been running schools teams working week by week in local secondary schools. Working in partnership with local churches the teams serve their local schools in many ways.

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18 May 2017

Come along and join us at our next event.