A generation, a city, a mission


Prayer Room 15

The prayer room is now set up. It's open from 10am-8pm every day this week. Come down and take some time out to chill with

Setting Up Prayer Room

Our team, plus some of our year 11s are setting up the prayer room this morning.

The end of an Era (11/06/15)

Goodbye office!

We are getting ready to relocate to our new office after being in the same place since 1999 (Just round 16 years!!)

Although this is an end of an era for us we are positive God will provide, and that we will have a new exciting journey in our new home.

Please pray for a smooth move & transition, and that we feel at home quickly in our new community building.

Upcoming Prayer Room

Come along to our prayer room that is running for a week. There will be various creative stations to move around personally. But we will also be focusing on praying for schools and young people across North London.

Our New Office

The team have been busy painting our new office space today. Looking more and more ready for us to move in.

Lebanon Team Feb 2015

Gap Year

Here's our gap year team, plus Ruth & Andie (and Mr Ted!) all dressed in team tshirt thats we have worn this week whilst working in Lebanon Evangelical School for Boys & Girls in Beirut.  

Relationships Panel


We've got an amazing panel at the celebration tonight answering the young people’s questions around sex and relationships.

This is part of our Right to the Heart series we are currently doing.

A Lesson in Relations

LE Training

LE Training tonight - Ryan and Georgia are leading the session on Righteous Relationships.

ECS Christian Union


Here's an activity that we did in a lunchtime club in a girls school today. Using inspiration from a mustard seed and relating scriptures as the focus for their creative response.